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About Our Company

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis has led to such a downturn in Sales that you doubt the future viability of your company. Before writing off a debt or winding up your business, call Debt Collection, Bailiffs and Business Closure Law Firm London, part of a nationwide network of debt collection agencies.

We remain open for debt collecting and as a Debt Collection Agency. We specialise in collecting unpaid invoices and arrears from stubborn overdue debtors, even absconders.

Within a short period of time and our locally-based tough Bailiffs, know how to enforce debt collection and County Court Judgements.

You may need aid in applying to close down a debtor’s company or even in liquidating your own business. Whatever the situation, you will find us down-to-earth and helpful.

All types of service covered:

  • Debt Tracing,
  • Debt Collection,
  • Debt Recovery,
  • Bailiffs and CCJ Enforcement,
  • Commercial Rent Arrears,
  • Residential Rent Arrears,
  • Liquidation and Closedown of Business.


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Get Help in your debt recovering process by the different services we provide.

Debt Collection

Whether Debt Collecting yourself or needing a Debt Collection Agency for paralegal or enforcement work, call Debt Collection, Bailiffs and Business Closure Law Firm London, part of a national group of debt collection agencies, to organise and enforce the collection of your debt.

Private Investigator & Tracing

Our customers are businesses, consumers, landlords and tenants and our debt collection covers all types. We are experienced in collecting unpaid debts from debtors and tenants even when they have absconded since our Private Investigator Dept. uses state-of-the-art trace techniques to find them and even when they put obstacles in the way of enforcement since our hard-nosed but lawful bailiffs know all the tricks and know how to enforce.

Insolvency Service

Our all-round experience of debt collection qualifies us to obtain better results than first expected. With this solid foundation, our Insolvency Service Dept. can offer a realistic and comprehensive initial assessment when your own company is on the verge of insolvency or, as a creditor, seeks to close down a debtor’s company and our Liquidator Dept. can handle routine and non-routine matters all the way to Dissolution.

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

In the economic downturn caused by the Coronavirus (Covid-19), turn to the experienced Debt Collection, Bailiffs and Business Closure Law Firm London and not to an inexperienced johnny-come-lately. All types of debt collection service covered - Debt Recovery, Debt Collection, Debtor Tracing, CCJ Enforcement, Commercial and Residential Rent Arrears, Insolvency Service, Liquidator

Make the System Work For You !

We will work along side you ensuring your debts are collected and minimise your risk from creditors and safe guard your assets.


"My family own houses in the area and unfortunately needed to use their services. We had the desired results quickly with no fuss. Thank you"

Hollie, K

"Quickly resolved, great debt collection agency."

Jason C